Tuition Balance for 2023 Terms


Tuition Balance

If you made a $100 deposit for a class, then your tuition balance is due on the Wednesday before the term begins and should be paid here, online.

There is a 4-tiered price structure for tuition. New students pay $390. For returning students, the price is $370, a $20 discount. For students rolling over from the previous term, the price is $350, a $40 discount. Fireborn Members (those who have already taken 10 classes) pay $300, a $90 discount. Thus, the balance is as follows…

  1. If this is your first class at Fireborn, the balance is $290 for new students. (New Student)
  2. If you have taken an eight-week class at Fireborn in the past, but not the previous term, the balance is $270 (Returning Student)
  3. If you were enrolled the previous term, and are continuing, or rolling over into the next term without a break, the balance is $250 (Roll Over Student)
  4. If you are a Fireborn Studios Member, the balance is $200. For more information about membership CLICK HERE

Please note: This is not where you sign up for a class by making a deposit to hold your spot. This is where you pay the balance when it is due.

If you need tools they should also be purchased in advance here, online, and picked up when you come to class.

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