Adult Pottery Classes, Starting October 24, 2022

Classes fill quickly so secure your space with a deposit as soon as possible. Your deposit is refundable until 15 days before the term begins.

You are welcome to pay the deposit and balance at the same time, if that works for you, by adding the balance to your cart. Or, if you are signing up really early, you may want to hold off until a week before class starts to pay the balance.

The amount of the balance depends on whether you are a new student, a returning student, or roll-over student from the previous term. Tuition for new students is $325, for returning students $300, and for roll-over students $280. After the deposit is paid, the remaining balance-due is $225, $200, or $180 respectively.

Everyone who attends class must wear a mask at all times.
Presentation of vaccination cards (or photos of them) prior to or on the first day of class is required.

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Showing all 10 results